Sold Out


HAL-V & SpaceCase crown Portland their home, dedicating themselves to the music and the people, with a genuine love for the culture, and laid-back attitudes. Jacob Halverson (a proud Canadian) and Sean Marler (ATL born, Portland raised) bring a hip-hop influenced, alien esc, bass-heavy sound to the electronic scene through a dynamic, energetic stage presence. The DJ / producer duo have a yin and yang collaboration that results in a powerful combination both professionally and musically. They got their start in 2011 while attending Oregon State University, linking up for a back-to-back set and have worked together ever since. Their brilliance stems from their ability to expertly cater their sets according to the crowd, show, and other artists while still staying true to their sound. Their dedication to new material guarantees a unique performance every time. They continue to push their production boundaries by experimenting with new sounds and focusing on a clean, bass heavy production. The two have become a staple in Portland’s electronic scene but aren’t stopping there. Their forward thinking, never settle mentality sets these Bill and Ted look-alikes up to have countless excellent adventures ahead.